ESPN suspends Jemele Hill, who was in hot water over Trump comments, for another controversial tweet

ESPN announced on Monday that it is suspending “SC6” anchor Jemele Hill for two weeks without pay for a second violation of its “social media guidelines.”

On Sunday, following Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ comments that Cowboys players who don’t stand for the national anthem “will not play,” Hill suggested fans upset with Jones should boycott the advertisers who support Jones and the Cowboys.

Hill had previously been in hot water for calling Trump a “white supremacist.” ESPN later denounced the comments but did not suspend Hill, drawing criticism from both liberals and conservatives over the handling of the issue.

Here is ESPN’s statement:

Hill said that fans could best express their disappointment with Jones by boycotting brands that support Jones and the Cowboys.

Hill also clarified that she was not calling for a boycott of the NFL.





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