ESPN Threw A Crazy Super Bowl Party In An Abandoned Warehouse Last Night

espn next super bowl party

Photo: Tony Manfred/Business Insider

Super Bowl weekend is all about the parties.And one of the biggest ones every year is ESPN The Magazine’s celeb- and athlete-laden NEXT party.

This year, the worldwide leader transformed a dingy warehouse on the outskirts of town into a fancy-schmancy nightclub.

It featured Tim Tebow, free neckties, and enough dancing girls to sink a ship.

While pretty much everything in Indy is happening in a walkable downtown area, ESPN held its annual party at a warehouse outside of town

They turned this warehouse...

... into a glitzy, celeb-filled Super Bowl party

Here's the entrance for the normal people

The celebs came in on a red carpet. Here's Shaq and his tiny girlfriend Hoopz


Tebow's posse! We imagine their lives are just like Entourage

ESPN hired a bunch of models to work the event

Some of them danced on platforms above the two main bars

Seems like a fun time

It probably wasn't a coincidence that the dancing girls were right next to the advertising

The DJ was in one of those Hollywood Squares-type things above the bar too

There was even a booth babe

And virtual golf

Van Hausen was handing out free stuff, wonder what it is?

Ties! Yes, free ties

We couldn't find Tebow. So he either left or was hanging out up in that VIP area

A little before 1 a.m., Drake came on and gave a sort of weird performance

In the middle of his set, he handed out shots, and toasted to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones

Then he brought this exec on stage and had everyone cheer for her. It was odd

BONUS: Rob Gronkowski's brother, mini Gronk

BONUS: Matt Stafford and his girlfriend

BONUS: Cam Newton, the man of honour

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