The 10 Best Quotes From ESPN's Special On Johnny Manziel

Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel was a guest on the latest edition of Jon Gruden’s “Quarterback Camp” on ESPN.

Much of the episode dealt with breaking down Manziel’s ability on the field and what he needs to work on to succeed at the next level.

But the show also produced a number of great quotes from both Manziel and Gruden that tell us a little more about the controversial quarterback.

Johnny Manziel is able to make so many crazy plays because of the players he grew up idolizing.

Manziel says he is driven by the quest to win championships.

He also compared his game to that of video games.

Manziel is confident he can adapt his game to the NFL.

Manziel admits things got out of control in college.

He also says it was not an easy decision to leave school and enter the NFL Draft.

Gruden likes what he sees.

When Gruden asked why Manziel did not hit the open receiver on his Heisman Moment play against Alabama, Manziel showed the side that will be difficult to tame.

Gruden is not too worried about Manziel's height.

Gruden thinks Manziel has a bright future if drafted by the right team.

Now check out the 21-year-old rookie who is not your typical NASCAR driver.

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