ESPN Has Obtained A 'Spreadsheet' Of Manti Te'o's Cell Phone Records

An ESPN article says a source close to Manti Te’o has given them Te’o’s AT&T phone records from May 11 to September 12, and that there were 1,000 calls between Te’o and a Southern California area code (supposedly Lennay Kekua), and that 110 of them were more than an hour long.

ProFootballTalk pointed out that Mike Hill of SportsCenter explained that these documents are not actually phone records but spreadsheets based on the raw data.

If these phone records are the real thing, that makes a good case for Te’o, that his hoaxers actually sat on the phone with him pretending to be Kekua. However, as PFT says, the fact that the source did not give ESPN the official documents raises even more suspicion.

Here’s a screenshot from ESPN:

te'o's phone records with lennay kekua

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