Everyone Is Laughing At ESPN Over This Scathing Exposé About College Football Players Smoking Weed

ESPN College Football marijuanaBe afraid. Be VERY afraid.

Photo: ESPN.com screen shot

Mark Schlabach has a piece in the latest ESPN The Magazine highlighting the awful problem big time college football programs face as more and more of their student-athletes get caught smoking marijuana.The ominous sub-heading reads: “A cloud of pot busts lingers over college football — and the smoke isn’t clearing.”

It details the pot-smoking issues that have taken over the news cycle at programs like the University of Georgia, TCU, and LSU (LOLZ-worthy emphasis is ours).

NCAA statistics show a bump in the number of stoned athletes. In the NCAA’s latest drug-use survey, conducted in 2009 and released in January, 22.6 per cent of athletes admitted to using marijuana in the previous 12 months, a 1.4 percentage point increase over a similar 2005 study.

The article does its best to sound the alarm on this supposedly immense epidemic.

What it fails to point out is that the numbers are likely up because players are no longer lying about their marijuana use. Likewise, a 24/7 news cycle doesn’t allow school administrators to hide athlete indiscretions like they used to decades ago.

College students doing drugs is not new. It’s a given.

The difference here is that college athletes, especially college football players, are held to ridiculous standards and have their every move chronicled in the media.

So while the folks at Yahoo! Sports are uncovering serious recruiting scandals, the boys in Bristol have chosen to focus on a “trend” that’s actually been going on for a very long time.

Way to go guys.

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