Take A Tour Of The Awesome Cafeteria At ESPN's Headquarters

We visited ESPN’s headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut this week.
The compound is the nerve center of everything ESPN does. The top executives have offices there, the shows are shot there, the magazine is produced there, and thousands of staffers work there and live nearby.

It sounds like the Death Star, but there’s actually a lot of neat touches and perks on campus, like the amazing cafeteria.

Say what you will about ESPN, but it keeps its people well fed. This place is nuts.

Welcome to ESPN Café

There's a basketball court out back

First thing's first, the food is all over the map

Bristol's on a health food kick, hence this barley with peppers, tomato, basil and white wine vinaigrette

Grilled chicken is healthy too

We're pretty sure these stray mushrooms were for show

It's not all health food, though

Cakes with crushed M&Ms on top at work


No cafeteria is complete without a vintage popcorn machine

There are several cereal options

The brick-oven pizza guy is popular

It's also cheap as heck

Once you get your barley and M&M cake, you eat in this sitting area overlooking a green space

There are TVs everywhere

TVs tucked on the dropped ceiling

TVs behind library books

Every table has this ESPN ornament, in case you forgot where you work

Puns abound. The salad bar is called 'FIELD OF GREENS'

The pun was better than the salad options, though

Protein bars are in high demand, apparently

There are a handful of work stations a few steps away from the pizza man

The food quotes are also sports quotes

This is jam-packed at lunch time

The path away from the cafeteria and back toward the digital center

BONUS: This custom ESPN rug runs throughout many of the buildings (not in the cafeteria, though)

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