Here's What Happens When Your favourite Athletes Strip Down For ESPN's Body Issue

Ronda Rouse


The ESPN Body Issue shows off all the hard work and effort professional athletes put into making their bodies perfect.Most athletes are honored when they are asked to pose for the magazine and when it comes to photoshoot day, a different kind of hard work goes on.

The athletes, who are not used to posing nude, are first of all, pretty nervous.

They come in, strip down, get made up, and flex for the camera. put up a series of videos of some of the athletes baring it all for the issue.


Olympic track star Carmelita Jeter posed for this year's issue

Jeter said at first her parents were nervous about the shoot but were OK with it when they learned more about the issue

Jeter said she wasn't all that nervous because she's very comfortable with her body

She wondered, what if athletes raced naked. And concluded the stands would be filled with men at the women's races

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was really excited for his ESPN shoot

Gronk, a known party boy, got comfortable being naked with the photographers right away

He was dancing, and laughing with the photographers, just like the jokester he is

But he knows his teammates are going to make fun of him and post pictures all over the locker room

Maurice Jones-Drew says his kids always barge in on him when he's in the bathroom, so he's used to no privacy

Jones-Drew took posing tips from the experts

Jones-Drew got to pose in a blue powder that splashed up when he threw the ball. He said it's a good thing it was blue (UCLA colours) and not red (USC colours)

He knows his teammates are going to make fun of him for the shoot, but he just thinks they are jealous they're not in it. He's probably right

MMA fighter Ronda Rousey said she was a little worried and told the people she didn't want to be surprised to see her naked she was posing

Rousey said she had a lot of body image issues when she was a kid and it took her a lot of time to get over that. Now, she puts her issues behind her

Rousey said it was cool to see what she looked like in the photos, because well, she's never had anyone take naked pictures of her before

US Women's soccer team member Abby Wambach was a little worried about how many people would be seeing her naked at the shoot

But she got pretty comfortable right away and treated it like a locker room

Wambach was excited to represent powerful, strong athletes in her photos. Hard work shown right on camera

Wambach said, of course she wanted to look good but she wasn't just there to show off her body

She wanted to show people that every body, no matter the shape or size is beautiful

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