12 Outrageous Quotes From ESPN's Documentary On Athletes Going Broke

Amdre Rison

Photo: ESPN

ESPN debuted the latest instalment of their incredible “30 for 30” series, with “Broke,” a look at how millionaire athletes end up losing all their money.Many of the stories we have heard before (lavish spending, child support, failed businesses). But it was different to hear those same stories as told by the athletes themselves.

Within the interviews, there was bitterness. There was blame. There was sadness. There was regret. But most of all, there were outrageous quotes about how it happened.

It was clear that the athletes had little concept of how much they were spending

And there was also the competition to have more than other athletes

Many athletes also don't realise that most businesses fail

The 'had to have it' mentality is very prevalent

The athletes also weren't shy about blaming others

And saying 'no' is something many of these athletes struggle with

In many cases, the athletes felt a sense of responsibility for those that helped them become stars

Even when it is just little things like cell phones

There's also the responsibility of raising children, even after an athlete's career has ended

After time they don't realise how much their spending adds up

The athlete mentality is generally that they will just keep playing and keep making money, but it rarely works that way

In many cases the athletes sounded bitter, but Bernie Kosar was able to find a silver lining

Now check out some surprisingly rich athletes

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