Escaped Ostrich Wreaks Havoc In Chinese City

An ostrich was on the loose in Zhangzhou, Fujian province in China this week, running alongside (and sometimes hitting into) cars on a busy stretch of road.

ITV News reports that the bird began its journey around 7pm Tuesday night, and was eventually apprehended and sent to a nearby zoo. 

The ostrich’s journey around a city of nearly 5 million people was caught by numerous security cameras and later featured on Chinese news stations:

Speaking to the BBC, a local police officer complained that it had taken them several attempts to catch the bird as they had little experience in capturing escaped ostriches.

While authorities had initially believed the ostrich had escaped from a local zoo, they are still having difficulty finding out where the bird came from.

In a bid to solve the mystery, Beijing Cream reports, police have released a map of the bird’s route:

Ostrich Zhangzhou China

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