13 Fascinating Charts About Oil


Can’t get enough oil?

No worries. We’ve got you covered.

Austria’s Erste Group has published a big “special report” on the oil industry, complete with some long-term charts about the state of the market.

Let’s just jump right in.

Oil since 1861

Since the start of QE I (up until very recently), oil and stocks have been very closely correlated

Meanwhile, oil prices are severely lagging food prices

You can see easily how the Mideast crisis blew out the spread between WTI and Brent Crude

A massive divergence is brewing between the Baltic Dry Index and oil

Oil's burden of GDP is nearing old highs

To keep up with demand, a lot is resting on future oil fields.

Here's a look at non-OPEC production changes

The peak of discovery was in the 1960s

Google trends shows that the oil spike hasn't capture people's imagination like it did in the last time

The long term trend of stocks priced in oil is brutal

And even gold isn't keeping up with oil

And of course, personal income has badly lagged the cost of crude

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