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In 2007, the real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield said that Ermou Street in Athens was the 10th most expensive shopping street in the entire world.It was right up there with 5th Avenue in New York, Ginza Road in Tokyo, and the Champs-Élysées in France.

The hotel I’m staying at in Athens is right off of Ermou Street, and had I not been told this, I would have never guessed it was ever at such a level.

The street is now filled with empty storefronts, empty stores, and a lot of graffiti that goes unattended to.

Taking a trip down Ermou Street is a great, quick way to see how fast and far the Greek economy has fallen.

We start at the far end of Ermou Street. This building is totally abandoned-looking and is covered in graffiti.

Another view of the same graffiti-covered building.

Even the windows have been tagged with graffiti.

This park is on Ermou street. Yes, that's the Acropolis in the background.

An empty bombed out building.

Not one shopper in this women's clothing boutique.

It's scorching hot out, but there's nobody in this swimwear store.

There are some young people hanging out at the ice cream shop, however.

The top of this building has become dilapidated.

One more shot of the Acropolis high up above a side street.

A designer clothes outlet now all papered up.

There's graffiti on all the support structures.

More graffiti.

Another empty summerwear boutique.

A building that's been either burned out or abandoned.

More graffiti.

This clothing store has a 20% off sale. Still there are no shoppers.

The Gap has a few shoppers.

But no shoppers in the Adidas store across the street—only employees.

And there's nobody in the Foot Locker (yes, that's a security guard trying to shoo me away)

Clothing store. Nobody but staff.

Camper shoe stores used to always be busy. Now: Nobody.

Another empty storefront.

This clothing store doesn't mind that somebody defaced their model.

An empty storefront, right on the corner.

And the Levi's store right next door threw in the towel and is empty as well.

The Nike store right at the end of the street on Syntagma Square has nobody.

But there are several dogs sleeping outside...

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