Former Lehman CFO: I 'Leaned In' Far And Lived An Amazing Life

Former Lehman Brothers CFO Erin Callan, who was once one of the most powerful women on Wall Street, pretty much disappeared after the demise of the investment bank. 

She’s back though.

Tonight, Callan will be featured on “Rock centre With Brian Williams” in an interview/full profile with Ann Curry.

Earlier this week, Callan published a really gutsy opinion piece in the New York Times this week about the whole work/life balance debate that’s being going on since Sheryl Sandberg released her book “Lean In”. 

In her op-ed piece, Callan talked about how she worked insane hours on Wall Street and put her career ahead of her family, friends and first husband. Callan, who now has a new husband and lives in a modest house in Florida, talked about not having kids. At 47, she said she’s still trying in vitro fertilization.

“I leaned in far,” she told Curry on NBC’s “Rock centre”.

Callan explained to Curry that some people took away from the op-ed piece that she was sad and unhappy. She said that she doesn’t regret the life she has lived. 

“I got to live an amazing life. I’m still living an amazing life.” 

Curry asked her if she thought she could have been CFO if she was a mother.  

“I might have been asked.  I don’t know if I could have actually been the CFO. That’s an important distinction. Certainly not through the chaotic period I was CFO. I think I could have been asked based on being able to manage prior jobs and performance,” she said.

Watch the interview preview below: 

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