Erin Callan Has Now Escaped To The Hamptons And Is Dating A Fireman

Erin Callan

Photo: Too Big To Fail

Since being ousted from Lehman and retiring after taking a “leave of absense” from Credit Suisse, Erin Callan has been off the radar for a while.So Fortune magazine found out what she’s been up to – living on East Hampton and dating a firefighter.

Not bad!

Fortune says her abode is a $3.9 million wood-shingled house with a gate marked “Callan.”

Apparently she’s dating Anthony Montella, a New York City firefighter whom she went to high school with at St. Francis Prep.

Montella, who Fortune was able to reach on his cell phone, told Fortune that Callan is “doing very well.”

“No comment” on the mental breakdown rumours, but he adds, “That’s what people would like to think. It’s so far from true. Erin is fine. She’s very happy now.”

Fortune also has an interesting email Callan sent someone explaining why she wouldn’t comment for Fortune’s article. She says:

“I do not trust that any journalist ever truly captures the essence of the person or their story, and it is all filtered through someone else’s lens.

“Somehow everything that happened had its purpose and its reason.

“I try not to read anything about myself, and I’ve taken myself out of the environment that provided a constant reminder. I have changed my life in a very significant way, which I hope will be more fulfilling and worthwhile. It is difficult to have created such a hard line. But it is the way that, I have learned, is critical to moving forward.”

Sounds like things are going well for her.

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