Erin Burnett's On-Air Swearing Incident: We Saw It!

We’re in the video business now, which means we have to watch more TV, which means we watch CNBC, which means we watch Erin Burnett–and you’re certainly not going to hear us objecting to that. But we can confirm firsthand the Post’s story that Erin said “sh*….t” on air the other morning.  

It was scripted, though. As we recall, the line went something like this:

“Apple was the It stock of 2007 and now it’s the Sh*…..t stock of 2008.”  That’s just how she read it–with a wince and a wink and a smile. (While wearing a leather suit, no less).

The Post adds that “CNBC flack Brian Steel later insisted to Page Six: “It was a scripted play on words – not an expletive.”

The FCC SWAT teams are no doubt raiding CNBC’s offices as we speak. Or would be, if CNBC weren’t cable.

More: Page 6

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