Erin Burnett Today Show Hazing Begins

This weekend marked CNBC star Erin Burnett’s first weekend on Weekend Today. Anchor Jenna Wolfe wasn’t about to let the darling of CNBC think she could come over there and become the star.

TV Newser: If you’re going to try to sneak a Batman reference into a Dark Knight news segment, you’d better know what you’re talking about or Weekend Today anchor Jenna Wolfe will call you out.

A TVNewser reader tipped us to yesterday morning, when CNBC anchor Erin Burnett, in as newsreader, threw in a, “Holy smoke, Batman,” while describing the strong second weekend numbers of the new movie.

“It’s ‘Holy Smoke Batman,’ not ‘Holy Smoke Batman.’ Come on Erin!” said Wolfe, laughing. “I’m just saying, I’m definitely not the voice of reason here, I hate to correct people, but when you make a mistake that big, Erin…”

Maybe it’s some Today show initiation — this weekend marked Burnett’s first as newsreader on the program. Her new deal with NBC, including Weekend Today appearances, was announced earlier this month.

In Erin’s defence, we can’t tell the difference between the two statements, maybe if we had video (anyone?). But that ought to teach her to adlib.

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