Erin Burnett's Shouting Match With Julian Assange Shows Hypocrisy On Both Sides

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Erin Burnett of CNN put Julian Assange “Out Front” for an 11-minute interview Nov. 28, and the shouting match that concluded the segment had very little to do with the subject of the interview.Burnett attempts to prompt Assange on the fact that Ecuador, the country harboring him, allegedly cracks down on and silences journalists. She tried to draw out Assange’s hidden hypocrisy, but it didn’t work too well.

Instead, Assange focused on how American policy regarding the Espionage Act, whistle blowers, and state surveillance of citizens, has global effects, whereas Ecuadorean policy is not nearly as far reaching.

Still, Burnett is right; Assange is a pioneer of journalistic freedom who has taken refuge in a state that allegedly does not value journalistic freedom. Interestingly, Burnett works at a network that has also allegedly suppressed its own staff recently at the behest of a foreign government.

Assange has a new book coming out called “Cypherpunks” — about government surveillance and how complex cryptography can stop “Big Brother” before he starts.

The whole thing is pretty interesting, but if you want to skip to the shouting, start it at seven minutes: 

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