17 Years In The Life Of Erin Burnett

Erin Burnett

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Last month long-time CNBC-er Erin Burnett announced she was leaving the network to host a weekday news show at CNN.This morning CNN announced it had tapped Wilson Surratt to be EP of the new show, which we have heard will be making it’s debut before the month’s end.

So what better time to take a look back at Burnett’s career…thus far

Turns out Burnett never planned on a career in broadcast journalism.

Today, she’s one of media’s most recognisable faces.

1994-1998: An undergraduate at Williams College

Following high school, Burnett attended Williams College in Massachusetts, where her two older sisters attended.

Burnett studied political science and economics.

1998-2000: While working as an investment-banking analyst at Goldman Sachs, Burnett wrote a fan letter to CNN's Willow Bay.

In response, Bay invited her to visit the CNN offices and eventually offered Burnett a position with the network.

Burnett worked for CNN's Moneyline as both a writer and a booker. Once again, being on-camera was not yet a concern of Burnett's: 'I went to CNN to work for Willow in New York still with absolutely no interest in being on camera.'

2001: Following her time at CNN, Burnett was hired by Citigroup to anchor the company's online financial news network

Burnett became Vice President for Citigroup/CitiMedia.

The anchor later made an interesting slip when talking about Citigroup on 'Squawk on the Street.'

Video below.

2003: Burnett is hired by Bloomberg as anchor of 'Bloomberg on the Markets'

Video of Burnett's first interview at 'Bloomberg on the Markets' below.

2005: Burnett leaves Bloomberg to join CNBC as anchor for 'Squawk on the Street' and 'Street Signs'

Burnett proved to be an immediate fan-favourite for the CNBC audience. Ratings for both 'Squawk on the Street' and 'Street Signs' rose sharply.

Watch Burnett's 'I am CNBC' promo below:

2007: As a CNBC anchor, Burnett also contributed to shows like 'Hardball,' where Chris Matthews just couldn't stop himself from calling her 'a knockout'

Video below.

2007: on 'Morning Joe,' Burnett tries to make joke and later apologizes

During a spot on 'Morning Joe,' Burnett jokingly referred to then President George W. Bush as a 'monkey.'

Videos of the joke and resulting apology below.

2008: Featured as a guest on 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien,' Burnett charms the audience and forgets to take off security tag on dress

May 2011: Burnett says a tearful goodbye to CNBC

May 2011: Burnett returns to talk Mark Haines

Just days after saying goodbye, Burnett returned to CNBC via telephone to talk about former co-anchor Mark Haines' death.

Video below.

June 2011: Stay tuned

Announced in April 2011, Burnett is returning to CNN this summer as an 'anchor and chief business and economics correspondent.'

Burnett will anchor a weekday news program and contribute to the network's breaking news and CNN.com coverage.

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