Erin Andrews Responded Perfectly To A Rude Radio Host

Erin Andrews leaves ESPN

Photo: AP

Erin Andrews is often criticised for just being a pretty face and not knowing much about sports. Because of this, she often gets asked unfair questions or is blatantly made fun of when being interviewed.Andrews called in to a radio show after someone tweeted to her asking if they could try and win a contest.

To Andrews’ surprise her voluntary radio interview turned into her being criticised for her fashion choices. But Andrews’ answers were perfect. Here’s the transcript from The Big Lead:

Mike Missanelli: The dress … I thought maybe the dress was a little bit much to be honest with you, what was your …

Erin Andrews: What do you mean?

MM: I thought it was too glam.

EA: Oh gosh, I disagree with you, but I appreciate you knowing female style … it was a good 105 degrees … Who have you dressed? Actually, what are you wearing right now since you’re such a big stylist over there …

MM: Well I’m not on television …

EA: It is my favourite when people judge … they never really take into account the elements … so hot. Hot, hot, hot

MM: Now let me finish … I do a lot of television…. I put a lot of thoughts into my outfits … the reason I brought this up is because I would have been a phony if I didn’t …

EA: I’m glad I called when you were talking poorly …

MM: No, I wasn’t talking poorly, I was just questioning the thought process and you’ve explained it to me …

[more talk about heat, sweating, etc]

MM: Maybe a little sundress?

EA: But that was a sundress what are you talking about?

MM: That went below the knee … this is not a beef, it’s a fun little discussion …

EA: When you’re styling females, let me know.

MM: I got a pretty good eye, I gotta tell you …

EA: Not really, I gotta say …

[seems like maybe they’re past it all]

EA: Appreciate the sun dress [thought?], guess what, if I had done that, people would have criticised me …

MM: I wouldn’t have … I would have given you a thumbs up!

EA: Well, your opinion matters.

MM: You’re taking a shot at me now?

EA: I wasn’t taking a shot! … I’m not allowed to defend myself? … I’ll [wear] a potato sack next time.

MM: Let me ask you this … last question, the rumour is, are you dating Troy Aikman?

EA: No, are you?

Brava Erin, you definitely won this one.

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