Erin Andrews Has Filed A New Lawsuit Against Her Stalker And The Marriott Hotel

erin andrews

Erin Andrews has filed a new lawsuit related to the video tape incident in 2008. This time it’s against the West End Marriott Hotel in Nashville. Andrews has also named Michael Barrett, the man who was charged for taping her, in the lawsuit.

Andrews is seeking $3 million from the Marriott, and $4 million from Barrett for invasion of privacy, negligence, and emotional stress, according to The Tennessean.

Barrett was already sentenced to two and a half years in prison for taping Andrews while she was in her hotel room.

Deadspin asked Andrew’s attorney, Mary Parker, the reason for filing a new suit. She responded in an email:

The original case was non-suited to try to get all of the cases in the various states joined together under the jurisdiction of one court which has not been able to be resolved. Our year for re-filing was about to run, so we re-filed, but only against the entities that are clearly jurisdictional in TN. All original allegations against those entities are exactly the same.

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