Erin Andrews Has An 'Ultimate Mega-Crush' On Gisele

erin andrews and gisele

Erin Andrews recently spoke with People Magazine about what it’s like to love both fashion and sports, something she is often criticised for.

Andrews told People:

“I feel like sometimes there is a stereotype for the girls who want to look nice in this industry. I colour my hair, I worry about working out, I’m into the latest fashion and makeup. And I think it’s kind of interesting that still, in sports, some people look at it like, ‘Oh, you can’t like this stuff and like sports.’ Well, why not? That’s the stereotype that I’m trying to battle against right now. It’s OK to have fun shoes on, but guess what, I still know what the coach is going to call on 2nd and 8.”

But at the same time, she doesn’t want her looks to overshadow her job, and finds it funny when people think they do. Andrews doesn’t look at herself as a beautiful icon, she leaves that up to the models:

“I just laugh [when people talk about my looks]. There are women I look at as beautiful — Gisele [Bündchen], she’s my ultimate mega-crush — but I look at myself as just me; I don’t see myself as that.”

We’re sure you’re not the only one who has that crush, Erin.

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