ERIN ANDREWS: How The Biggest Free Agent In Sports Journalism Rose To The Top At ESPN

erin andrews

Photo: AP

Erin Andrews’ contract with ESPN is up at the end of this month.In recent weeks, Andrews has taken shots from unnamed TV execs about her on-screen talent.

But during her time at ESPN, she’s been a sideline reporter, an anchor, a feature reporter, and an interviewer all rolled into one.

In 10 years she went from the bottom of the sports journalism food chain to the top of ESPN.

As she prepares to (maybe) start the next chapter of her career, we took a look back on her incredible rise.

Andrews majored in telecommunications at the University of Florida, and was a member of the Dazzlers dance team

Source: ESPN

She started at the bottom of the journalism totem pole after graduating in 2000

Source: ESPN

The Sunshine Network hired her to report on the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2001. After a stint covering Atlanta sports for Turner, she was hired by ESPN as an NHL reporter in 2004

Source: ESPN

A year later, she began the job that would make her famous — sideline reporting for Thursday night college football games on ESPN

Source: ESPN

She parlayed that job into a similar sideline reporting gig for ESPN's long-running Sunday Night Baseball

Source: ESPN

Source: Reuters

She won the Playboy poll again in 2008, and expanded her personal brand with a photoshoot in GQ

Source: GQ

In the summer of 2009, her world got turned upside down after a stalker posted a video of her changing in a hotel room online. She is now active in lobbying for harsher stalking laws

Source: Aol

She came in third place

With her star brighter than ever, she signed a new contract with ESPN in the summer of 2010 that gave her a much bigger presence on ABC and ESPN

Source: USA Today

She picked up some Good Morning America duties, and was chosen to the host the first hour of College Gameday on ESPNU every Saturday morning during football season

Source: USA Today

But since then, her exponential growth has tailed off. According to Deadspin, the sideline-reporter job on Monday Night Football was open last fall, but ESPN picked Lisa Salters over her

Source: Deadspin

Source: Deadspin

Her contract with ESPN is up at the end of June. And while one TV exec doesn't think she's any good, she's still one of the most recognisable people in broadcast sports journalism, and she'll be a hot commodity

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