A Decade In Prison For $83 Million Citibank Fraud

eric skys

Try and steal $83 million from Citibank, and you get locked up for a long time. Nearly 11 years, to be specific.

Erik Skys, a 26-year-old Pennsylvania man who claimed to be a German-raised computer genius worth $388 million, previously pleaded guilty in the middle of his trial in August to securities, wire, and bank fraud for a scheme to defraud Citibank of more than $83 million. 

Skys attempted to get the loan in 2007 by posting non-existent Sprint Nextel stock as collateral with the help of forged financial documents.

It turns out Skys was a big fraud himself.

Tribune-Democrat: He enjoyed a life of mystery and intrigue, a seemingly wealthy black businessman riding around small-town Rockwood [PA] in his charcoal BMW, escorted by two armed bodyguards.

Once a high-profile fixture at high-school sporting events, the 27-year-old Skys would go to the gym beneath his modest office at Rockwood Mill Shoppes with a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist.

He bragged about enjoying semiautomatic weapons, flying, skydiving, extreme sports and video-game technology.

At least he had a good imagination.

Image: Dave Lloyd / The Tribune-Democrat

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