8 photos of failure that prove mistakes can lead to creative genius

Amid a sea of messages that tell us to shoot for perfection, one book says to embrace mistakes instead. And it is liberating.

“Failed It!” by Dutch artist, designer, and curator Erik Kessels is an inspiration guide for young creatives and professionals that aims to take the fear out of failure. The part-photo, part-self-help book draws from over 150 visual examples of epic mistakes from Kessels’ personal collection of art and found photographs.

Kessels shared some of his favourite images with Tech Insider.

Look at this perfectly good photo of the pyramids, almost ruined by a cockroach that crawled onto the lens. It's weirdly beautiful, right?

Kessels encourages artists, architects, and closeted creative-types to abandon their pursuit of perfection.

'Perfection is not really a good starting point for creatives,' he says. 'Mistakes bring you to another perspective and maybe bring you to your next idea.'

Kessels gathered images for the book from flea markets, artist-friends, and amateur photographers. Many are considered outtakes.

'I think the previous owners of these photos were pretty embarrassed,' Kessels says of one series he stumbled upon while thrifting.

This unnecessary balcony is what Kessels would describe as a 'classic f--- up.'

'You have to dare to trust yourself,' Kessels says. That's how art comes to be.

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