Erick Schonfeld Is Leaving TechCrunch

erick schonfeld

TechCrunch editor Erick Schonfeld is out.

He’s being replaced by new hire Eric Eldon, according to a post on the site.

Eldon joined TechCrunch in November.

Schonfeld replaced TechCrunch founding editor Michael Arrington, who left last fall when Arianna Huffington pushed him out.

It was a rocky tenure for Schonfeld, as several of TechCrunch’s writers – including Sarah Lacy, Paul Carr, and MG Siegler – quit for other gigs.

Lots of people are leaving AOL right now. One ex-employee speculates that’s because February is AOL’s bonus payout month.

In a blog post on TechCrunch, Eldon writes: “When Erick and I talked about me joining TechCrunch last November, the circumstance today was obviously not on either of our minds. But things can change very quickly in the world of blogging, and Erick decided now is the best time for him to leave.”

In a tweet, Schonfeld says: “TechCrunch is in good hands. I’m very proud of the team I’ve built there.”

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