Hedge Fund Manager Eric Sprott Demonstrates How To Avoid A Question Like A Boss

Eric Sprott

Photo: CNBC screenshot

This little gem just happened on CNBC’s “Fast Money: Half-Time Report” at the SALT Conference in Las Vegas when Scott Wapner asked Canadian hedge fund manager Eric Sprott about silver.  Sprott, who runs $9 billion Sprott Asset Management, has been bullish on precious metals. 

Wapner tried to go after Sprott about silver.

Wapner: “…You’ve called silver ‘the investment of the next decade–'” 

Sprott: “Correct.  I’ll tell you why I haven’t change my mind on gold.  First of all…” 

Ha! Nice deflection.  Sprott simultaneously acknowledged the silver matter while also sending Wapner the signal that he wasn’t going to talk about silver at that moment.

Note: The phrase “like a boss” is loosely defined as “The act of doing something as a boss would do.

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