A Hedge Funder's Fireworks Display For His Son's Hamptons Bar Mitzvah Could Get A Congressman In Trouble


A hedge fund manager’s fireworks display for his son’s bar mitzvah party in the Hamptons this summer may have sparked some problems for a congressman. 

Politico’s John Bresnahan reports that in May, Rep. Tim Bishop (D-NY)’s campaign staff asked for donations from hedge funder Eric Semler after he reached out to the politician to help him secure a government permits for a fireworks display.

When Semler, who runs New York-based TCS Capital Management, was contacted about making a donation by the staffer the permits had not yet gone through, the report said.

The permit went through.

Then on June 26, Semler and his wife made a $5,000 donation to Bishop, whom they had never made donations to before, according to Politico.

Rep. Bishop, who is currently running for re-election, told Politico that Semler voluntarily gave the money as a show of thanks. Semler told Politico that the congressman’s campaign staff member solicited him, not Bishop himself.  

Either way, Politico’s John Bresnahan points out that House rules state a member can’t solicit a campaign contribution tied to an official action.  Read the full report over at Politico >

Also, that’s not all the drama from the bar mitzvah. 

During the fireworks display, there was $7,500 damage done to the hedge funder’s neighbour’s Bentley, the report said. 

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