New York's Government Asks Apple What It's Going To Do About All Those iPhone Thefts

Lanyap/FlickrNot Michael SullivanNew York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is pressing gadget companies like Apple and Google over what they can do to help prevent handheld device theft, reports Bloomberg.

In a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook, he wrote, “I seek to understand why companies that can develop sophisticated handheld electronics, such as the products manufactured by Apple, cannot also create technology to render stolen devices inoperable and thereby eliminate the expanding black market on which they are sold.”

Apple’s “Find My iPhone” feature has long made this possible, but unfortunately that’s the exception to the rule. Generally speaking, you’re not going to see a stolen phone a second time.

The New York Times wrote earlier this month that smartphone thefts are on the rise and that it seems that hardware manufacturers are looking the other way and not attempting to curb it. We feel that Schneiderman’s concern is unfortunately merited, generally speaking.

Who stands to benefit from someone replacing a stolen device better more the hardware manufacturers themselves?

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