Report: Google Chairman Eric Schmidt Has Hired Prince William's Friend To Shop For A London Mansion

eric schmidt at dEric Schmidt

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt is on the hunt for a new home in London and he’s tapped one of Prince William’s old school chums to help him, reports Ed Hammond from the UK business publication Financial Times.

Schmidt is in the market for an abode that costs around the £30 million ($44 million) and is reportedly looking at a family-sized properties in the upscale Chelsea or Holland Park neighborhoods.

He’s hired realtor Thomas Van Straubenzee, a former classmate of Prince William who recently married the daughter of the Duke of Northumberland, reports Hammond. As you might imagine, Van Straubenzee specialises in exclusive real estate listings in cities like London, Dubai and Hong Kong.

Although these areas are some of the most expensive in the world, often priced above £3,000 per square foot, £30 million still buys quite a lot, such as the 6,725 square-foot town home with 5 bedroom suites pictured below. It includes another six bedrooms for servants/staff and comes complete with an elevator.

This town home may not be private enough for a celebrity billionaire like Schmidt, but it gives you a flavour of the type of abode he could be looking at.

London townhome 2

London townhome

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