Eric Schmidt Joins Twitter*

UPDATE 2: Schmidt is on Twitter with the handle @ericschmidt. Go forth and follow him.

Original: Eric Schmidt is on Twitter with the handle @eschmidt0, according to TechCrunch. He signed up last night.

So far his tweeting has been limited to two promotions. We’re still waiting to find out when he’s eating a sandwich.

UPDATE 1: We should note that we don’t know for sure this is him. It could be a faker. This guy is following Tony Robbins and Heidi Montag. We doubt Eric Schmidt went on a binge and started following 73 people right away, and opted for those two — unless he followed them unknowingly via Twitter’s suggested users list.
[image url="" link="lightbox" caption="" source="" alt="eric schmidt twitter" align="left" size="xlarge" nocrop="true" clear="true"]

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