The man behind one of NYC's legendary restaurants weighed in on the fierce debate raging in his industry

New York City high-end dining has been undergoing a revolution over the last year.

High profile restaurateur Shake Shack founder Danny Meyer got rid of tipping at his 13 restaurants. Celebrity chef Tom Colicchio and others have said they will try out the no-tipping thing too.

But don’t expect that at legendary Michelin-starred NYC French spot, Le Bernardin.

Everyone in New York fine dining land is passing around this interview with chef-owner Eric Ripert in the The Daily Meal, where he explains why his restaurant won’t be changing its policy on the matter.

“I think tipping is a better idea for many reasons…The vast majority of my employees prefer tipping and therefore I will not change the policy. The tipping policy is beneficial to everyone in my opinion, including waiters, customers, and owners. Only the government benefits from no tipping.”

We should note that last year, Ripert hiked prices to deal with rising labour and food costs. A four-course prix-fixe meal will cost you $147.

For more of his interview, head to The Daily Meal>>

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