Eric Holder Sued By Congressional Committee Over Fast And Furious 'Stonewalling'

eric holder

A Congressional committee is trying to force Attorney General Eric Holder to fork over documents tied to the gun-running scandal that has dogged the Obama administration for months.

Under its Fast and Furious operation, the U.S. government let arms dealers sell illegal firearms in the hopes of tracking the weapons to Mexican drug lords.

Whistleblowers revealed the operation after a Border Patrol agent was apparently killed by one of the illicit guns in December.

In the lawsuit filed on Monday, the House Oversight and Government Committee said it’s seeking an order that will let the lawmakers access documents that would reveal how the Obama administration covered up its involvement in the scandal.

The Obama administration had previously exerted executive privilege over Fast and Furious documents.

“After promising an unprecedented level of transparency, the President is attempting to expand the reach of executive privilege to obstruct the truth about the reckless conduct that contributed to the death of a Border Patrol Agent and countless Mexican citizens,” Committee Chairman Darrell Issa said in a statement.

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