Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens resigns amid sexual-misconduct scandal

  • The embattled Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens, who had faced criticism over a sexual-misconduct scandal, will resign on Friday.
  • Greitens had been accused of taking compromising photos of a woman with whom he’d had an extramarital affair before taking office.
  • St. Louis prosecutors had indicted Greitens in February on an invasion-of-privacy charge in connection with the 2015 incident, but that charge was dropped.

Republican Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens is resigning.

The development comes after a long-playing scandal over an extramarital affair Greitens had had in 2015, before he took office. He’d been accused of taking compromising photos of the woman with whom he’d been involved.

In February, St. Louis prosecutors indicted Greitens on an invasion-of-privacy charge, a felony, in connection with the incident, which he said had been consensual. That charge was dismissed in the city of St. Louis on May 14, but prosecutors in Kansas City are reportedly looking into similar charges. The 44-year-old former US Navy SEAL denied any wrongdoing.

Greitens had faced bipartisan pressure to resign, and that intensified after a bombshell report emerged outlining in graphic detail the accusations against him. According to the report, there were “multiple instances” in which Greitens spanked, slapped, grabbed, shoved, and called the woman derogatory names.

Until now, Greitens had refused to resign, even as he faced possible impeachment over the scandals.

Separately, his campaign received scrutiny for obtaining and using a charity donor list as part of the fundraising effort for his bid in the Missouri governor’s race. Greitens’ campaign reportedly raised $US2 million from donors on the list, according to the Associated Press.

Greitens had attempted to shout down critics, at points adopting the language of President Donald Trump, calling the investigations stemming from the allegations a “political witch hunt.” He’ll leave office Friday.

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