As Trump readies for his huge summit with North Korea, his sons were celebrating the latest addition to their New York City golf course

Allan Smith/Business InsiderBryson DeChambeau, Eric Trump, Jack Nicklaus, Donald Trump Jr., Dustin Johnson, and Joe Roediger.
  • Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. celebrated the opening of the new clubhouse at the Trump Ferry Point golf course in the Bronx on Monday.
  • It came as their father, President Donald Trump, readies for his meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un in Singapore.

BRONX, New York – As President Donald Trump readied for his highly anticipated summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un in Singapore, nearly 10,000 miles away from the eastern US seaboard, his sons celebrated the opening of something much closer to home.

On Monday, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr., senior executives at the Trump Organisation, were joined by golf legend Jack Nicklaus, current world No. 1 golfer Dustin Johnson, and recent PGA Tour-winner Bryson DeChambeau as they opened up a new clubhouse at the Trump Ferry Point course in the Bronx.

The course opened in 2015 and is owned by New York City. Trump received a 20-year lease from former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg near the end of his tenure that doesn’t charge the president rent on the course until 2019. Crain’s New York reported thatTrump reached the agreement with city leaders after the local government spent roughly $US127 million to turn the site, which was formerly a garbage dump, into a public course. But the city was unable to get the project over the top.

“I was able to do it,” Trump told Crain’s. “I got it open.”

Eric Trump, Jack Nicklaus, and Donald Trump Jr.Allan Smith/Business InsiderEric Trump, Jack Nicklaus, and Donald Trump Jr.

Part of the contract stipulated that the Trump Organisation build a new $US10 million clubhouse for the course, which had to be completed by March 31, 2020, The New York Times reported.

But the clubhouse ended up being completed nearly two years before that date, something to which Eric alluded at the Monday ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Pointing to his father’s famous remark about getting a projects done “under budget and ahead of schedule,” Eric joked that the clubhouse “might have been over budget” by the time of its completion.

Both Eric and Trump Jr. praised the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation for its partnership with them.

The course was designed by Nicklaus, considered to be the greatest PGA Tour player in history. At the ceremony, Nicklaus, who said he had been working on designing the course since former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was in office, credited the president with putting the project over the top and getting the course opened.

“Your dad got involved and the thing got finished,” Nicklaus said.

Prior to taking office, Trump opted to pass his stake in the company to his two adult sons and a senior executive at the business instead of divesting himself of the assets, as past presidents had done and as ethicists implored him to do. It’s led to fierce scrutiny of Trump’s business dealings and holdings, both domestically and foreign.

The president’s sons and Nicklaus were not made available for interviews at the event.

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