Jets Player Sums Up The Season In One Sad Quote

The New York Jets lost their seventh-straight game on Sunday, falling to the Buffalo Bills 43-23 at home while turning it over six times.

After the game, wide receiver Eric Decker had this to say (via

“We’re not a bad football team, we just do stupid stuff.”

The second half of that statement was on full display on Sunday when the Jets ran one of the more stupidly executed trick plays you’ll ever see

T.J. Graham tried to hide himself on a kickoff return by laying down in the endzone. The plan was for Percy Harvin to draw in the defence and then throw it back to Graham and have him scamper down the far sideline. But it failed miserably:

They also have the worst turnover margin in the league by a significant margin.

The Jets have roster holes on both sides of the ball. The biggest issue by far is at quarterback, where the Geno Smith era appears to be over (he went 2-for-8 for 5 yards and 3 INTs on Sunday) and the Michael Vick era appears to be futile. But even on the defensive side of the ball, where the Jets have always been good, problems in the secondary have cause the defence to regress.

Creating a distinction between stupidity and badness is a sad but optimistic way for Decker to rationalize a 1-7 record. But any way you look at it, this team isn’t good and this season is already a wash by Week 9.

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