Equities Up, Commodities Up, Retail Recovering

Currently, the Dow is up 60 points at 10,384 but is beginning to fall along with the other indices. NASDAQ Composite is up 30 points to 2268 and the S&P 500 is at 1113, up 9 points.

Oil and gold remain flat at the moment, with oil holding at $79.64 a barrel and gold at $1119.70 an ounce. Silver is up slightly by $0.04 to $16.57 an ounce.

Futures are green across the board, save for energy, lumber, sugar, and cocoa. Oats are having a huge day, up 4.5% to 227.75.

Finally, the Euro was tanking earlier in the day against the US Dollar but has since rebounded and is heading upward at a pretty rapid pace.


Photo: FinViz

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