The Little Device That Might Change TV Forever Is Going To Launch In A Few Weeks


Photo: Kickstarter

Kickstarter success Equiso has designed an HDMI dongle called the Smart TV that essentially turns your television into an Android tablet.Here’s what the company’s up to, per its most recent Kickstarter update:

  • Production is still on track to deliver completed units this month.
  • The only major problem to solve is how to effectively dissipate the heat from the unit.
  • Developers are busy removing any references to 4G, CDMA, GSM, and batteries from the Android source code. Since the dongle stays attached to your television, none of these things matter

The update also mentions that Equiso is “working with a couple of unannounced big players in the media and gaming industry to provide an even better experience.” We already know that the company is partnering with Plex, an app that lets you access your home media collection over WiFi from anywhere you want, but we’re excited to see who else it’s collaborating with.

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