This Review, Written With The Latest Smart Pen, Shows Why Smart Pens Aren't Ready Yet

Everything’s getting smart these days: First it was phones, now it’s watches. And soon, there will be smart shirts, smart utensils, and more. But smart pens sounded extremely interesting, so I test drove the Equil Smartpen 2.

Here’s what it looks like:

Dave Smith/Business InsiderThis is the case, with all the components inside.
Dave Smith/Business InsiderAnd this is everything: The pen is charging inside the holder, while the piece that slides out from the bottom is placed on top of one’s notepad in order to pick up all of the writing and drawing going on.

Having never tried the original Equil Smartpen — or any smart pen, for that matter — I was extremely intrigued by its promise: to be able to take notes and have them all magically appear on your smartphone, in both handwritten and digital formats. Here’s what happened.

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