New York's AG is investigating Equifax after 143 million Social Security numbers were exposed in a hack

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said Friday that he’s investigating the Equifax hack, in which 143 million people’s personal information was compromised. 

Equifax, a company that provides credit scores, on Thursday said the details potentially accessed by hackers from mid-May to July included names, Social Security numbers, some credit-card numbers, and personal documents. That includes some 8 million New Yorkers, Schneiderman said in a release. 

“The Equifax breach has potentially exposed sensitive personal information of nearly everyone with a credit report, and my office intends to get to the bottom of how and why this massive hack occurred,” Schneiderman said in a news release. “I encourage all New Yorkers to immediately call Equifax to see if their data was compromised and to consider additional measures to protect themselves.”

Those steps could include setting up a credit freeze and monitoring your existing credit and bank accounts. 

 At least one lawsuit has been filed against the company regarding the breach. 

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