People are furious about the site that Equifax set up to let you know if you're impacted by its massive data breach

A site Equifax set up to help users check to see if they were one of the 143 million people whose personal information may have been compromised by the company isn’t working for many people. 

On Thursday, Equifax said that the details potentially accessed by hackers from mid-May to July include names, Social Security numbers, some credit card numbers, and personal documents.

To check and see if individuals were part of the data breach, Equifax set up a website that it linked to in a press release that asked for the person’s last name and six digits of their nine-digit social security code. That information alone, drew some suspicions

More than a dozen Business Insider readers had trouble getting the site to work or provide the answers they were looking for.

On Friday morning, here’s what the response screen looked like after the information’s been submitted. The site tells you either that “we believe that your personal information may have been impacted by this incident,” or that they don’t believe you’re part of the breach. 

When users click on enroll, they hit a screen giving them an enrollment data at some point in the future, with a note to say that they will not receive additional reminders. 

Beyond that, users weren’t given much information, leading some to question the validity of the website and the group that owns it.

Equifax did not immediately respond to comment asking for clarification about the website and the information users are asked to provide. 

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