American Owners Want To End One Of English Soccer's Greatest Traditions

manchester united

Photo: AP

The ownership of some of the biggest clubs in English soccer by foreigners is already a contentious issue. Now comes word that American owners want to abolish the practice of relegation and promotion.Each year in the Barclays Premier League, the three teams in the standings at the end of the season are kicked out of the league and demoted to a lower level. Those teams are then replaced by the three teams that finished the highest in the second division.

But with so much money invested in teams now, some owners may be worried about the financial impact one bad season can have on a franchise.

Richard Bevan, League Managers’ Association chief executive, said foreign owners want to emulate the franchise model used in the United States.

“There are a number of overseas-owned clubs already talking about bringing about the avoidance of promotion and relegation in the Premier League…If we have four or five more new owners, that could happen.”

He then specifically pointed the finger at American owners, saying “particularly American owners without doubt.”

Five of the Premier League’s 20 teams are owned by Americans, including Arsenal, Manchester United, Aston Villa, Liverpool, and Sunderland.

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