EPIC TEASE: Mark Cuban Says He’d Be “Very Interested” In Buying The Dodgers

mark cuban sportscenter nba finals

Photo: ESPN

Mark Cuban is on a hell of a roll right now.But could he possibly take that roll to another level and buy the LA Dodgers?

“If the deal is right and they’re fixable, then I’m very interested,” Cuban told TMZ.

“Very interested” sounds intriguing. But the tone of the conversation wasn’t 100 per cent serious, and Cuban had a bunch of reservations.

He’s worried about the financial state of the club.

“It’s just a such a mess, right? I can’t imagine that it’s such a mess that it’s [not] going to make it hard to turn around,” he said

And he’s worried about how the franchise is structured.

“[Dodger’s owner Frank McCourt’s] got his parking lots and he’s got this and that, all these sub-corporations. So who knows what’s included.”

Another problem is that MLB doesn’t seem to want Cuban to own a team. Which is dumb because Cuban in LA without a salary cap might make the sports blogosphere explode.

It doesn’t seem like this has a realistic shot at happening. But if there’s even the slightest of chances, we should all go ahead and get our hopes up.

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