Hero Target Worker Gives Unforgettable Black Friday Speech

Between the long hours and mobs of bargain hunters, working in retail on Black Friday can be a thankless job.

One Target employee apparently tried to make the shopping marathon a little more bearable this year with an impassioned pep talk just before the store opened its doors.

“They’re standing out there and any moment now, those doors will be breached,” the employee says in a video of the speech. “Whatever comes through those gates, you will stand your ground with a smile on your face. They come here with bargains in their heads and fire in their eyes and we shall give those bargains to them.”

The video was posted to Reddit by Vincent Scellini, who said the Target employee’s name is Scot. Scellini said he stopped working at Target a year ago and that Scot was his coworker.

“He always brought a very positive energy and unique humour to the workplace,” Scellini told BuzzFeed News. “He was simply a fun person to be around!”

Watch the video below to see the full speech.

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