Epic Games: Making Games For The Wii Is Not For Us*


Update: An earlier version of this post was headlined “Epic Games: Making Games For The Wii Is A Waste.” Mark Rein tells us this is an inaccurate portrayal of his view.

Earlier:Gears of War won’t be coming to Nintendo’s Wii platform, despite its 50 million users.

Epic Games’s Unreal Engine would have to be scaled down to make it work with the Wii and VP Mark Rein told IndustryGamers it’s not worth it.

If you stretch something too thin, it becomes very thin. How do you support that? We don’t make games for that platform because we don’t see a market for the kinds of games we make – let’s be honest.


Mark said that if Nintendo came up with more processing capability, more memory and better graphics, Epic Games will be prepared to make games for it. He says:

Industry Gamers: We’re a very high-end engine, and we have the best tools and awesome visuals and great physics. It’s more likely the platform will rise up to meet us than we’ll go down [to customise our technology for it]. And eventually I think that’ll be the case, and it’ll be true of handhelds and even the iPhone.

Epic Games’s Unreal Engine works with PCs, Macs, XBoxes, PlayStations and Dreamcast.

Image: Tosiabunio