This 1,400-Word Craigslist Ad For Used Golf Clubs Might Make You Cry

marc t. lewis golf clubs

Photo: Marc T. Lewis

It begins: “These clubs have been with me since high school, 40 pounds ago, when the world was my oyster, …”And your reaction is, Oh boy, this guy is overdoing it.

But by the time you’re done reading Marc T. Lewis’ 1,383-word Craigslist ad for his old golf clubs—he wants $200—there might just be a tear in your eye.

It is the most passionate, overwrought, honest and funny ad for gold clubs you will ever read.

“These clubs are a piece of American history because they have seen a piece of America.”

Hmm. OK. But give it a chance:

“I bought these clubs before I met the girl who would become my wife. I met her eleven years ago when I was sixteen and had a stomach that no one who knows me now would believe, ripped like a little Rambo. I had these clubs when I was a young bachelor, hair down to my shoulders, tearing up the town in a 1990 Volvo 740 SEL with the sunroof open and the road before me like some great American Dream ready to be snatched, the way candy is from a baby, or a kiss from an easy and drunk woman. These clubs moved from the Volvo to the 1980 midnight blue Chevy Camaro Berlinetta, a thing unlike any other thing, and they watched me fall in love with my wife, a woman who has mastered both looking perfect and a number of delicious casseroles. (She’s heartbreakingly beautiful and comforted me each time these golf clubs kicked me in the crotch.)”

Lewis is a bit of writer, and lives in Raleigh, N.C. He works in advertising and PR, according to his Twitter account.

Read his rage against the dying of the light—or at least his putting game— here.


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