10 Entrepreneurs Say What They Learned From Their Parents


Phil CortezPhilip Cortez, Founder of Meeteor, at the computer – before founding his company.

In the past few years, universities have launched programs and entire departments devoted to entrepreneurship. But some argue that innovation can’t be taught.If that’s true, is there at least a certain childhood environment that inspires an entrepreneurial spirit? 

If Tiger Woods’ father could engineer his son to become a golfing legend by forcing a golf club in his young son’s hands, can parents do something to create the next Mark Zuckerberg?

Eleven young founders of new companies tell us what they think their parents did to give them the courage to become entrepreneurs.

As a kid, Whitehill was never content simply sitting in class all day and doing what he was told. Both of his parents also worked full-time, even on weekends, which left Whitehill with a lot of time alone since he had no siblings.

Since his parents wouldn't allow him to sit around watching video games, he had to create his own reality, 'building forts in the backyard and building things with legos.

Parenting aside, launching an entrepreneurial venture also requires research

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