"Entrepreneur" App a Good Resource

I have been exploring the app for Entrepreneur magazine.  It is a free iPad app that brings the magazine and other content through a single source.

I really like the search function in the “Library”.  That is what I always tended to use at their website, so this is an app that truly eliminates the need for me to go to that website.  At this point it seems that it can only go back to content from 2010 and 2011.  There is some really good content from Entrepreneur that dates back a few years.  Hopefully they will build up the archives available through the app so I won’t have to also search at the website.

Navigation in the app is a bit clunky and slow.  For example, with articles presented in the “Feeds” section it provides links to the web article.  “OK”, I thought. “I will get some more meaty content there.”  But often it is the same article I just read in the app version.  Time wasted.  It is also hard to get out of a specific article once you use the search feature. 

Within an issue it would be great to be able to click on an article and go to it from the contents.  Instead you have to “page through” to get to it.  Quicker to read the hard copy magazine in this case.

I also think it would help to streamline their Feeds.  There are three buttons to choose from that seem to be more convenience for them than easy for the user.  I really don’t care about difference between what is a “Daily Dose” versus a “New Article”.  So why make me click between them.

Navigation is a bit awkward, especially since I go to this app right after I have been using some really slick content apps like USA Today and Fox News apps that are easy and intuitive. 

All in all a good start.  A useful tool that should get easier to use over time.  In spite of it being less the user friendly, it gives some great content.

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