Entire Media In Revolt After White House Denies Fox An Interview With Pay Czar

Wow, the war between The White House and Fox News, which even has Democrats fretting since it’s so amazingly dumb, is bubbling over, and now even the non-Fox media is outraged.

Apparently The White House, true to its attempt to marginalzie the network, denied it an interview with the Pay Czar Kenneth Feinberg, while giving one to other major networks.

What the White House did not expect was that the other networks would defend Fox News, and demand that the White House play ball. Eventually Team Obama relented and let Feinberg be interviewed by Major Garrett. So in addition to the stupidity of marginalizing Fox, it looks like The White House has even created distance between in at friendlier news organisations.

MediaIte has the full play-by-play, and posts this report on the incident.

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