These 14 Entertainment Execs Have A Lot On The Line In 2013

jeff zuckerJeff Zucker, CNN’s new president, will have his hands full this year with trying to improve his network’s ratings.

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From Jeff Zucker to Kathleen Kennedy, there are quite a few entertainment people who have their work cut out for them this year.One has to rescue a failing cable network while another has to turn Twitter’s global audience into piles of cash.¬†One is banking on Johnny Depp to save his bacon while a fourth must succeed George Lucas.

Our friends at TheWrap compiled a list of 14 executives who have a lot on the line in 2013.

David Ellison: Skydance Productions

Ted Sarandos: Netflix Chief Creative Officer

Nancy Tellem: Microsoft Entertainment and Digital Media President

Speaking of original, exclusive content… Technology companies are realising they still need great movies, TV shows, and videos to lure users. That content can be expensive to buy, so firms like Amazon and Microsoft are testing the waters of creation. That's where Tellem, the former CBS executive, enters the picture.

Microsoft has charged her with developing shows specifically for Xbox, one of Microsoft's most popular products and a staple of living rooms across the nation. Microsoft, a software power, has not found a huge audience for its hardware -- the Windows Phone and Surface tablet. It needs a win somewhere else.

Bruce Rosenblum, Kevin Tsujihara, and Jeff Robinov: Warner Bros. Executives

Adam Bain: Twitter Chief Revenue Officer

Twitter became ubiquitous in the past year, reaching a diverse audience of drunken celebrities, rambunctious teenagers, savvy media executives and, most importantly, television viewers.

Bain, a former News Corp. executive, has laid the foundation for a successful advertising business. Now it needs to grow. Quickly. Twitter is expected to go public in the near future, and if it wants to convince people it's worth $100 billion, it needs real revenue. Facebook didn't have it, and took a beating. Can Bain bring in the goods?

Jerry Bruckheimer: Producer

Chris Albrecht: Starz CEO

Thomas Tull: Legendary Pictures CEO

Jeff Zucker: President of CNN Worldwide

Other news outlets have treated CNN as a punching bag for years now because of its low ratings. Both Fox News and MSNBC draw more viewers thanks to their partisan television. Fairly or not, CNN's down-the-middle, straitlaced approach strikes many as boring.

It's prime-time shows have been so unsuccessful that it airs a repeat of its one star, Anderson Cooper, at 10 p.m. Zucker, ousted from his perch atop NBCUniversal three years ago, is supposed to be the saviour . Will he poach Ann Curry? Will he give Soledad O'Brien a prime time show?

Robert Greenblatt: NBC Entertainment Chairman

Kathleen Kennedy: Lucasfilm President

???? : Paramount Animation Chief

Paramount has a gaping hole where its animation business used to be.

A year ago, it had David Stainton running an in-house division and prominent supplier in DreamWorks Animation. Now? Stainton resigned, and DreamWorks Animation, second only to Pixar in animation prowess, is at Fox.

Paramount has lined up several new features, relying on everyone from J.J. Abrams to corporate sister Nickelodeon. The division may be without a formal leader -- Paramount Film Group chief Adam Goodman has taken over direct oversight -- but will the studio fill Stainton's vacant office?

You've seen the entertainment execs who will face a tough year...

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