Companies Will Spend $21 Billion On Tablets This Year

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Forrester: $2.1 Trillion IT Spending In 2013 (TechCrunch)
The research firm forecasts that $21 billion will be spent on tablets by businesses and governments this year, about 15% of what they will spend on PCs. Read > 

IT wheel

Xiaomi Announces $2.16 Billion Revenue In 1H 2013 (Engadget) 
That’s greater than its total revenue in 2012. Once pegged a Chinese Apple-knockoff by the New York Times, Xiaomi is part of a wave of low-cost Chinese manufacturers that have seen enormous growth in the past few years. It sold 7 million smartphones in the first six months of the year. Read >

Samsung Accounted For Nearly Half Of North American Android Traffic (Chitika)
One-third of which is being driven by the Galaxy S3. Overall, it accounted for 47% of Android traffic in the U.S. and Canada. Amazon represents 9% of traffic despite only having tablets in circulation. Read >

Android Manufacturer Traffic Share

Foursquare Rolls Out Ad Units To monetise (Business Insider) 
It is selling post check-in ad units, letting advertisers target users based on check-ins at certain kinds of establishments. This isn’t its first foray into ads, but none of the other initiatives have gained much traction. Read >   

Tinder Expands To Android (The Verge)
The wildly popular mobile dating app is coming to Android. Users have now rated 7 billion profiles, generating over 100 million matches, according to CEO Sean Rad. Read > 

KakaoTalk Sees Massive Growth On Its Gaming Platform (Tech In Asia)
The South Korean mobile messaging app introduced its gaming platform a year ago. It now has 30 million user and 300 million accumulated subscriptions, demonstrating the disruptive potential of mobile messaging apps as they move beyond core communication features, as we discussed in a recent reportRead >

Google Revamps Google Play’s Web Interface (The Next Web)
It is bringing the Android version of the app store to the Web. Read >

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