Enterprise Technology Developments In 2010 And 2011

Happy New Year!  Best wishes for your 2011.

From a CTO perspective 2010 has been an incredibly busy year, and odds are the pace will only accelerate.  Here is a recap of hot items from the CTOvision.com network:

We began 2010 with the nation still dealing with the Christmas Day 2009  terror attack, which was a reminder that conniving enemies still seek ways to attack and we must always do what we can to disrupt their plans.

One of the things the civilized world can do to stop these attacks is make better use of collected and known information. This is always easier said than done, but some new ideas for architectures which can support better intelligence collection and analysis were presented in our January post on Are you thinking through system improvements after the Xmas Terror Attack?

In February we followed with two posts diving deeper into architecture titled: Enhancing IT Support to the Counter Terror Effort: The Challenge and  Enhancing IT Support to the Counter Terror Effort: Design Criteria We heard from several IT professionals in and out of government on these approaches and continue to dialog with federal leaders on these reports.

January also saw a strong of reports from Ryan Kamauff on tablets, including the iPad. Ryan’s posts on these and other consumer devices quickly became some of the most visited pages on our site.

There are light/non-technical drivers for just about any CTO, and several were highlighted on our site in 2010.  We heard from Monty Python regarding enterprise architecture.  We reviewed history lessons from 171BC relevant for the CTO and also captured lessons for CTOs from the 1980 US Olympic Hockey team and their “Miracle” defeat of the Soviets in the Olympics. We also provided some Dakota Wisdom for CTOs.

We continued to report on issues of Cyber Security and Cyber Conflict, including and early Assessment of the Threat.  Stuxnet was articulated as an “Important Change in the National Security Landscape” and later Stuxnet was the subject of an guest post by Dr. Anup Ghosh in “Defending Against Stuxnet Type Threats.” One of the posts that got the most traction and play in social media was from new author Bryan Halfpap titled “Cyberwar, What Cyberwar?

Microsoft has been delivering a string of hits in 2010 including continued deployment and security enhancements of Windows 7, Azure Cloud offerings (which now include solutions deployable into the enterprise) and a new mobile OS.

Cloud Computing has been a topic of CTOvision since our first posts some 3 years ago. This year’s themes have centered around both functionality and security.

A core mission of CTOvision.com and our sister site CTOlabs.com is to track and report on disruptive technologies. Updates to our disruptive IT list were posted in December, resulting in a robust dialog in social media.

In many ways, 2010 was another year of focus on Big Data in the enterprise, and all indications are that 2011 will continue that trend. Users looking for background on the revolution of big data can review our post on Lucene, Nutch and Hadoop.  And on 26 Jan 2011 those interested in Big Data can participate in the Government Big Data Forum.

2010 also saw our launch of FedCyber.com (in partnership with FusionX). FedCyber seeks to improve the security of the federal enterprise by better articulating mission needs to commercial industry.

One of the highlights of our year was participating in the White House Forum on IT Management Reform. This very open IT reform effort resulted in a strategic plan that will make a positive difference in the federal space and probably enterprises everywhere.  For more see our debrief.

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We look forward to interacting more with you in 2011. 

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